Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Us?

Simple, in today's fast paced society it's very difficult to meet and connect with other singles not to mention other singles with lifestyles, values and goals. What's more in the fact that Solutions for Singles conducts extensive analysis to determine vital areas of your personality so that when we make an introduction the connection is much deeper and has a greater chance of blossoming into a loving relationship.

How Confidential is the Process?

100% confidential, no information is ever shown or sold regardless if you become a member or not. We find this is the best policy. This not only ensures your safety but makes each member more comfortable and in control of the process.

How Similar is this to Internet Sites?

The process is not similar at all. Our Relationship Consultants meet each client to really get to know you and your desires. From then on you will work one-on-one with us informing us of your likes and dislikes so that we are able to make the adjustments necessary.

Can anyone join?

No, we disqualify an average of 20% of the people we interview. We do this for many reasons, a few being our member's safety as well as readiness. If we don't feel an individual is ready to give all that a relationship requires we will deny membership.

How much does this Cost?

There is no charge for the interview. The membership offered will depend on you and what your relationship consultant discuss during the meeting. One thing we can promise is we very seldom let money stand in the way of allowing someone who is genuine and sincere about developing a relationship. Our members are the foundation behind our success.

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